Are you a Worrier like I used to be? Like each of us, I have been on my own journey of self-discovery but also conquered crippling anxiety along the way.
I have identified 12 specific anxiety-causing issues we all face on a daily basis such as money, health and how others perceive us. I articulate my own personal experience with worry and my professional experience as a Life Coach to bring you this award winning self-help book full of expert advice, proven coaching tools, inspirational stories and quotes so you can silence the worrier and live your life fearlessly as the Warrior you were always meant to be!

In this book, you will learn:

·         Enlightening self-discovery using proven coaching tools
·         The root causes of your worries
·         A much healthier perspective
·         How to stop worrying with simple and practical solutions
·         How to be a Warrior with your life from now on

RRP £9.99 - Paperback

RRP £4.99 - Kindle Edition



In addition to receiving 3 Awards and International Recognition ‘Be a Warrior Not a Worrier’ received a glowing review from the UK’s leading charity Anxiety UK:

“Written in a really engaging and personal style, this book gives the reader concrete tools and tips for dealing with those issues and circumstances in life that can lead to increased anxiety.

What I found most rewarding was that Hayley Silk seems to have written a book about exactly how I feel. By saying that, I mean that it became clear that other people have similar worries, and they are probably just as consuming for them as they can be for me at times. That really does make me feel better.” Anxiety UK

Life Coach & Award Winning Author, Hayley L Silk launches her self-help title for Anxiety 'Be a Warrior Not a Worrier' at Watersones Plymouth.