Self-Help Books That Will Change Your Life!


A self-help book is written with the intention to instruct it’s readers on solving problems and inspiring them to make changes that will impact their lives for the better.

Here are a few that have done just that for me and I would go as far as to say changed my life forever! You might be surprised by some of the ‘oldies but goodies’ I recommended here that are still going just as strong strong today!


How to Stop Worrying and Start Living
-Dale Carnegie

My brother sent me this book as a gift following a conversation I had with his girlfriend regarding our struggles with worrisome nature and anxiety. This was a very welcome gift at the time and helped me to understand the facts about worry, relate to many personal stories from fellow worriers and implement proven methods to help change the worry habit for good.
Possibly the oldest and most famous book on the market that addresses worrying and certainly an inspiration to me personally and professionally as a coach and author.

Dale Carnegie also wrote the ground breaking ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ among a series of self-help books which I also highly recommend.

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The Secret
-Rhonda Byrne

The phenomenon which is ‘The Secret’ has helped millions of people around the globe. Released in book form in 2006, ‘The Secret’ has sold 30 million copies worldwide and has been translated into 50 different languages.

This book was recommended to me by my sister (what caring siblings I have!) and has helped me tremendously with negative thinking styles and overall view on life. The Secret to life according to Rhonda Byrne is ‘The Law of Attraction’ This concept is explained in depth, offers many light bulb moments and tells true life inspirational stories of people including Rhonda Byrne who have transformed their lives with ‘The Secret’. The most profound teaching I discovered in this book was the practise of gratitude which I have religiously practised ever since. The notion that ‘what we think we attract’ is not a new notion but, the way this self-help book articulates and has packaged it’s teachings is very unique and it has stuck to me and millions of others like glue!

Like most things that achieve huge success there has been some controversy surrounding this book and likening it to that of a cult. I personally find that ridiculous as I found this book gave me a new perspective on the beauty of life and what I could achieve if I focused on what I wanted instead of what I didn’t want. The proof is in the pudding having changed my mindset and manifested the most astounding things in my life that I would have never deemed possible before I read this book!


Fuck It
-John C. Parkin

Recommended by a good friend, this book was a very entertaining and enjoyable read. A unique concept on letting things go quickly. Defining itself as a spiritual way and a magical modern mantra, the power of just saying ‘Fuck it’ to many of our worries and concerns is indeed a powerful way to realise that some things just don’t matter at all.
What I enjoyed the most about this book is the humour. John C'. Parker articulates in his own story and concepts with such honesty and passion. Even one of his lowest moments that he shares is laced in such vulnerability but also very humorous at the same time.
A really helpful and light-hearted book that will help you manage stress and anxiety with a blunt and no nonsense approach.


Men Are from mars, Women Are from Venus
-John Gray

If you want to understand the opposite sex then this is the perfect book for just that. Viewed as a modern classic and having helped millions of relationships across the world, understanding your significant other is truly priceless.
I found it very helpful in understanding both my own behaviour and my partner’s behaviour in the areas of our relationship where conflict arose. Gaining these insight and teachings from John Gray has helped me manage my own emotions, to not take my partner’s behaviour personally and accept the differences between us when it comes to conflict and communication. Another book where the teachings really stick and once you know why men and women behave as they stereo-typically do, you never forget it!


Overcoming Jealousy
-Dr. Windy Dryden

Jealousy can be very difficult to overcome. Having had a jealous nature myself which was maintained and fuelled by a previous negative relationship, I knew that I couldn’t continue being like this when I met the man of my dreams and the destructive behaviour started to show again on my part.
I really found Windy Dryden’s practical approach life changing. Initially assuming that this book would reassure me of my feelings and tell me it is OK to be this way, I was Instead slapped in the face with the truth when I read and understood how my jealous behaviour impacts and hurts the other person who I love. It was a light-bulb moment for me and the useful ABC models of healthy and unhealthy jealousy helped me to understand myself and implement the changes necessary to break free from the behaviour and to trust my partner. Because of this book, over time my jealousy diminished and it is a wonderful to be free from such a destructive behaviour and not hurt myself or someone I love anymore.


The Magic
- Rhonda Byrne

Following the success of ‘The Secret’ Rhonda Byrne released a whole series of books in theme with the law of attraction. ‘The Magic’ is a beautiful opportunity to further develop the practise of gratitude in your own life. Having been the most profound thing I learnt from ‘The Secret’ I was very excited to learn more and embrace the full practise of gratitude. This book challenges you to practise gratitude in many different ways for 28 days straight. I accepted the challenge and thoroughly enjoyed the process. There are some wonderful tasks to do that have you filling up with joy. I particularly enjoyed gathering images of the people I am most grateful for in my life and letting them know by sending messages to them of why I am grateful. Having completed 28 days of gratitude practise I felt like I had created a new habit that has been with me ever since. I was in a difficult business situation and full of anxiety when I started this book but I couldn’t believe where I found myself after 28 days of gratitude practise. I was in a much better place and miracles literally happened during that time!


You Can Heal Your Life
- Louise Hay

Originally published in 1984, this oldie but goodie is still as relevant and popular today as it was back then. The late Louise Hay is the Owner and Founder of Hay House Inc. The largest publisher in the world dedicated to Self-Help.
Louise explains the impact of our own limiting self-beliefs and how they can create illness in our bodies. She offers alternative ways of thinking that are more positive and will drastically improve your quality of life.
What I found most enlightening in this book is Louise Hays own personal story that she saved until the last chapter. A book has never elicited such a strong emotional response as this last chapter did. I found myself in tears reading her inspiring story and one I will never forget. Louise certainly practised what she preached in her life and her legacy is honoured and will live on forever through Hay House Inc.


Be a Warrior Not a Worrier
- Hayley L Silk

I couldn’t write this blog without shamelessly including my own Self-Help book. The idea to write this book was life changing let alone what happened after that. I was on the tail end of therapy due to a debilitating anxiety disorder and having been a ‘worrier’ all my life I decided I just didn’t want to be that, or have an anxiety label attached to myself anymore. Having read MANY self-help books, being a qualified Life Coach and having a passion for personal development, I felt compelled to bring that expertise and personal suffering together to create something unique and powerful to help others.
I identify 12 everyday worries we all experience and offer an new perspective on each one. It includes true life inspirational stories, quotes and proven coaching tools to help overcome the battle of unhealthy anxiety.
Having only been released in April 2018, my title has received 3 prestigious awards in America for excellence in motivational self-help and a stellar review from Anxiety UK! - Read the full review HERE

Hayley L Silk is a certified Life Coach and Author of the Multi Award Winning title 'Be a Warrior Not a Worrier' For Hayley’s coaching services, self-help products and free coaching exercises please visit or e-mail Hayley at

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