Is Your Life a Bumpy Ride?

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Finding the right balance in life is key to our happiness. No matter how happy or unhappy we are now, there is always room for personal development.
The wheel of life is a great tool to help us assess all areas of our lives and to help us uncover which areas need more attention than others. Discover if you have balance in your life right now, or if your life is a bumpy ride!

The Wheel of Life is a well-known coaching exercise that I swear by as a coach. I ask all of my clients to complete this exercise before and after a coaching programme with me.
It is a great way to assess our life as a whole, identifying areas for improvement and finding gratitude for those areas that are almost perfect.

It is also very useful for an individual who suffers with any type of anxiety disorder or has hit a burn out with STRESS, this exercise allows us to stop and take note, it highlights what might be triggering us and allows us to consider what changes we could make right now to improve the situation.

The Wheel of Life is divided into 8 sections and provides a unique model of how much balance and satisfaction an individual currently has in their life. Balance must be assessed over time so a regular check-in using this exercise can highlight useful patterns and help us learn more about ourselves.

Copyright @  ‘Be a Warrior Not a Worrier’  2018 Hayley L Silk

Copyright @ ‘Be a Warrior Not a Worrier’
2018 Hayley L Silk


I like to split the ‘health’ section into two so I can address my physical and mental health. Both may not have the same score so it is very useful to do so.

Once we have scored all of the sections in the Wheel of Life, it is time to connect the lines to create an inner perimeter so we can ask ourselves… is this a bumpy ride?

Copyright @  ‘Be a Warrior Not a Worrier’  2018 Hayley L Silk

Copyright @ ‘Be a Warrior Not a Worrier’
2018 Hayley L Silk


If our life is currently out of balance we will discover that our inner perimeter is well out of shape. Imagine the inner perimeter as a wheel on a car, would you be able to move forward and enjoy the ride with the current shape of this wheel?

Once you have completed the Wheel of Life it is time to ask yourself some honest questions. Click HERE to download the full exercise FREE from my website. Ask yourself these questions and take action in that area of your life that needs the most attention. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

It is perfectly normal for us to hit bumps in the road during our life, after all life is a process of learning and growing and we cannot do that without going up and down but, if we are not learning and we are not growing regularly we are not going to be fulfilled. If you have discovered your life is a bumpy ride the power is in your hands to smooth out the wheel and change it!

Instead of putting up with your life the way it is, design your life and consider what you want your life to be. Use this exercise to create a map of where you are today so you can start to move forward in a more positive direction and towards the life you truly desire.


Hayley L Silk is a certified Life Coach and Author of the Multi Award Winning title 'Be a Warrior Not a Worrier' For Hayley’s coaching services, self-help products and free coaching exercises please visit or e-mail Hayley at

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