Meditation for Anxiety - Does it help?


In everyday parlance “anxiety” simply refers to sensation of worry and apprehension. Worrying is the fuel for anxiety and keeps it going which is why I focus my work on the ‘worry habit’ that comes with this disorder.
With one in 13 people globally living with generalised anxiety disorder, it has become our most common mental health issue today.

The psychological symptoms of an anxiety disorder include:

A sense of dread
Constantly feeling on edge
Difficulty concentrating
Increased worrying
Increased lack of self-esteem
Feeling tearful
Feeling the need for extra reassurance

Click HERE for more information from the NHS regarding Generalised Anxiety Disorder in adults.

This list although not exhaustive boils down to two very simple things, THOUGHTS & FEELINGS.


Negative Thoughts = Negative Feelings

It is no wonder when referring to this list of the psychological symptoms that positive psychological intervention would be very beneficial when addressing and challenging these worrisome negative thoughts and feelings.

Meditation amongst many methods used to treat anxiety disorder, is a proven method to intervene but one which is also very enjoyable. If you are new to meditation then I would highly recommend starting with guided meditations that ask little effort of the participant other than to listen, respond and relax. But if you would prefer to go it alone click HERE for this helpful ‘how to’ guide to meditating solo.


Meditation is a habitual process of training your mind to focus and re-direct your thoughts which marries perfectly when intervening on the psychological symptoms of anxiety. It is proven to reduce anxiety and many other related mental health disorders including social anxiety, phobia’s, depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder to name a few! Most importantly it positively impacts all those negative thoughts whilst creating empowering feelings and relaxing you deeply.

As well as having a profound impact on reducing the psychological symptoms of anxiety, depression etc, meditation is also proven with regular practise to reduces stress cortisol, improves your immune system, lowers your blood pressure and heart rate therefore improving circulation, helps improve sleep and reduce insomnia and it also reduces inflammation in the body thus reducing any pain you might be experiencing.

Having indulged in many guided meditations over the years to help reduce my anxiety, I had the opportunity to create my own guided mediation specifically for anxiety disorder.

With the genius of Liam Silk, my very talented brother, and his recording studio, we created this beautiful meditation to help reduce worry and ease anxiety. I have been able to add all of my personal favourite elements of the meditations that I have used in the past to bring this free, powerful meditation for everyone to access, particularly those who suffers with anxiety.

Other than professional help, self-help is also key when it comes to conquering anxiety.

Give our guided, hypnotic meditation a try today to help conquer your anxiety. You can use it anytime you are feeling anxious and is particularly wonderful if you listen to it just before you sleep (it might even send you to sleep!) Repetition is also key when it comes to re-directing your thoughts and creating new habits so if you like this meditation make sure you indulge more than once and make it one of your ‘go to’ tools for managing your anxiety.

You are not alone when it comes to struggling with anxiety and there is lots of information and free help available. Many people who have overcome anxiety disorders are on a mission to inspire others to beat it just like me. For example this helpful ANXIETY resource and blog offers the best relaxation blogs and techniques out there!


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