The 'Secret' to Positive Thinking


The practise of gratitude is one of the most powerful things you can do to bring happiness and success to your life. It is a humble practise that is sure to reduce worry, anxiety and negative thoughts.
Gratitude practise directs your mind towards the positive aspects of your life and naturally transforms you into a positive thinker.


We are seriously encouraged to adopt a positive mindset these days if we want to be happy and successful. You only have to type in positive quotes on the internet and you will be met with a plethora of quotes and articles encouraging positive thinking. There has been a serious awakening to this in recent years and it is nothing but a great thing!

But how do you even begin to become more positive and grateful? Especially if you consider yourself to have a negative life and you find your mind in constant negative loops, negative situations, or you are worried about something and feeling anxious?

The simple act of writing down what you are grateful for now and more importantly WHY you are grateful, is a great exercise to start practising gratitude. The WHY in this exercise is what makes it so powerful because it allows you to really feel the feelings of gratitude and it is the WHY that will challenge a negative mindset. If you do this when you are feeling anxious or in a bad place you will find that you have a healthier perspective after doing this simple exercise. Taken from my self-help book ‘Be a Warrior Not a Worrier’ you can download and print my gratitude exercise HERE. Print this exercise and use it anytime you need to, I guarantee you will feel more positive afterwards.

For me, the practise of gratitude came to my awareness about 7 years ago when I watched a film called ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne. This 2006 film transformed me into a positive thinker almost instantly and changed the course of my whole life. I have always had more of a positive mindset than negative, but this film made me realise the true power of a positive mindset and I was able to take that power to the next level.
In the same year ‘The Secret’ was released in book form and soon became a well known, best-selling self-help book, having sold over 300 million copies worldwide and translated into 50 languages. Following it’s success, a series of follow up self-help books were released with each one as powerful as it’s predecessor. You can view this beautiful series of New York Times best seller’s HERE.

The film and books are based on the Law of Attraction and the notion that our thoughts create our external lives. What we think we basically attract and become. This great ‘Secret’ is the ‘Law of Attraction’ so, if you have a negative mindset, do not be surprised that more negative things and situations come your way. You are literally attracting bad things to happen with negative thinking and that in itself is a huge wake up call.
Gratitude is a huge part of this film and a real eye opener into how this practise can transform your life for the better and naturally transform your thinking to more positive thoughts. I encourage my own clients and basically everyone I meet to indulge in this film or books because they are truly life changing. I could talk about this forever but instead I will leave a link so you can watch and enjoy the film yourself here.

As suggested by ‘The Secret’ I use a gratitude rock to reflect on my day, every night and thank the Universe for all of the things I am grateful for.
I have a beautiful Amethyst rock with the word ‘Gratitude etched in gold on my bedside table and this practise for me has had the most profound results. Every night when I am in bed, I grab my rock and bring it to my heart and run through the day saying thank you in my mind for all the positive and enjoyable things in my day. I do not focus on anything negative, even if I have had a bad day (which is very rare for me now) or there was an unpleasant event, there is always something to be grateful for, even on the most basic level. Sometimes I will admit, I find it hard, I might fall asleep before I finish or if I am anxious about something, but the beauty of this practise is even if you don’t really feel it sometimes, just do it anyway because it is still creating habit and it will have a profound impact.


If you can embrace this simple practise and make it a habit, you will start to notice something magical happening to your daily thinking. New positive thoughts will start to creep in automatically and a new-found awareness of how lucky you are beginning to take over. I can vouch for this transformation. From the moment I started to practise gratitude regularly, I can hand on heart tell you that I now have a very different outlook with positive thoughts on automatic and in abundance. I have since attracted life changing, wonderful situations and created the life I want.
I found the courage to follow my passion for self-help and coaching, I became an award-winning author and my husband, and I recently purchased the most beautiful house I have ever lived in and that is just the icing! I would never of had the positive mindset needed to achieve this and more if I hadn’t embraced the practise of gratitude and found that wonderful film and series of books. This practise for me is now an inherent part of my personal and professional life.

It is very true that if you focus on what you WANT in your life instead of focusing on what you DON’T WANT, you are more likely to attract it.
Being grateful for what you already have and focusing more on what you want to attract in your life allows you to open up to the opportunities that will bring it to you.

The great secret is not only the law of attraction but also the self-help it is wrapped up in. No one else is going to take charge of your life except you. If you hold yourself back with a negative mindset, you will never be open and excited about what your best life could be and therefore you are highly unlikely to attract it.

Start with the powerful practise of gratitude to become more positive with your thinking because it is not happiness that brings us gratitude, it is gratitude that brings us happiness.

Be a Warrior!



Hayley L Silk is a certified Life Coach and Author of the award winning title 'Be a Warrior Not a Worrier' For Hayley’s coaching services and free coaching tools please visit or e-mail Hayley at