'Be a Warrior Not a Worrier' Wins 2018 Independent Book Awards


Having only been released for 2 months, my Matador title is off to an amazing start having received an award in the USA for excellence in Motivational Self-Help.

After 2 years in the making my self-help book was published on the 28th March and enjoyed a very successful book launch at Waterstones in Plymouth UK. Almost 100 local people and the press attended the launch and many copies of my book flew out the door. Waterstones noted that this was the most successful book launch they had ever hosted for a local author and I am still overwhelmed by the success of the launch!

I have this deep knowing that my book will really suit the American market, so I decided to test this and send it across the pond as soon as it was released, in the hope that it would be considered for the Independent Book Awards in California. I only just made the deadline and was relieved to receive an e-mail from them informing me that it got there in time to be considered!
To my utter delight I received an e-mail a few weeks later informing me that I had won my category for excellence in Motivational Self-Help. The winners were officially announced on the 31st May 

The Independent Book Awards is a prestigious contest that recognises some of the most entertaining and interesting books of the year, written by authors based anywhere around the world. To have their gold seal of approval means everything to me and a huge reward for all the hard work.


So what makes my book so special and already an award-winning title?

Firstly, the cover is beautifully designed, Matador took my initial book jacket concept and lit it on fire! I fell in love with the cover the moment it was e-mailed to me. I couldn’t resist lining my stairs with the books the day they were delivered and I stood back back in awe. The font, the title, the sub title the colours and the sunburst effect all smack of this positive, fiery energy and it is very inspiring.
The Warrior 1 yoga pose which represents emerging strength, completes the cover and ties in perfectly with the concept and overall message.

I wrote this book on the tail end of a dark time in my life. I considered myself a Worrier for most of my life and noticed how detrimental the negative effects of worrying were in myself and others. So, this book speaks from personal experience directly to the reader and is easy to relate to and digest.
I am also a qualified Life Coach, so I knew my expertise in this field and personal anguish could combine to create something magical and authentic.

Be a Warrior Not a Worrier addresses specific worries not just the habit of worrying. It offers a different perspective on each worry, inspirational stories and proven life coaching tools to help the reader overcome the bad habit of worrying and find an inner strength for change.
Having read many of the great self-help books over the years, I felt like I knew the formula and one thing that I noted as being key for a good self-help book is repetition. Repetition is key for change and undoing bad habits and it is so important the message be clear and repeated throughout so I summarise every chapter with powerful points and constantly remind the reader to BE A WARRIOR!


My book is like having a friend by your side to comfort you when you need it but, like a true friend, it is honest with you and wants the best for you. It doesn’t allow you wallow in your worry for long and it picks you up, hands you a sword and encourages you to fight like the Warrior you were always meant to be.

I would like to thank each and every person who has bought my book so far, the feedback has been wonderful and I especially love the photo’s some of my readers are sending me of them reading the book and being Warriors!


To purchase your copy of Be a Warrior Not a Worrier please click HERE.

Hayley L Silk is a certified Life Coach and Author of the award winning title 'Be a Warrior Not a Worrier' For Hayley’s coaching services and free coaching tools please visit www.beawarrior.co.uk or e-mail Hayley at hayley@beawarrior.co.uk