'Be a Warrior Not a Worrier' Waterstones Book Launch Success


This month saw the release of my 2 years in the making self-help book ‘Be a Warrior Not a Worrier’ 

I have been in hiding away in a safe little bubble for the last 2 years as I wrote day and night for months and published my first book. This month however, was time to break out and do my hard work proud with a public book launch.

Having seen online a couple of months ago that my book had been picked up by Waterstones, I jumped at the chance to ask my local Waterstones bookstore for a launch to celebrate and promote it’s release.

I was delighted that they agreed and we set a date for Friday 13th April 2018. (I had no problem with the date, if you trust the Universe there is no need to welcome negativity with superstitious beliefs!)

My book launch was going to be a success and that is all I focused on.

In the week building up to the launch I had bubble guts, I was so nervous about giving a speech, I was being introduced by Ray, a very successful leadership coach and there was no certainty that anyone would even show up. I had many RSVP's but, you just never know. It was my first book launch and I didn’t know what to expect BUT I did thank the Universe for a fantastic turn out and the courage to give a great speech. I allowed the Warrior within me to keep me positive and I was going to go through with this despite the worry and nerves that naturally came with it.

Stand Banner.jpg

There was a lot to organise for my launch, guest list, prosecco, glasses and promotional material. I was over the moon with my roller banner provided by Eazy-print, it was huge and beautifully designed by Gareth Knight.

When the day arrived I had a sense of calm, all week I had been feeling ridiculous nerves that had me on the toilet every hour and I was getting very crabby with my poor husband. I think knowing by the end of the day it would soon be over and I could relax, just made me feel better. I had prepared and practised my speech and added some personal touches that I hadn’t told anyone about and I felt happy that it was going to go down well with the crowd. I had an e-mail from the local press at midday to confirm they would attend, take photo’s and write an article all about me and my book. It was all too real at that point and there was no going back.

Waterstones NGS.jpeg

I arrived at Waterstones New George Street Plymouth with my husband at 4:30pm and was delighted to see some friends and family there already. The launch started at 5:30pm and I was quickly nabbed by William Telford, business editor of the Plymouth Herald to tell him my story, take some photo’s and do a short video they could use online. William was so lovely and genuinely interested in the subject of worry, I felt a strong sense that he could relate to what I was telling him, and the conversation was natural and easy which I was grateful for. I panicked about doing the video, but I was on the spot so I took a deep breath and went for it anyway! Click here for the Plymouth Herald article and video.

6:15pm came around very quickly and by this time Waterstones was buzzing with at least 80 people, it was time to be introduced and give my speech. It was time to BE A WARRIOR!

Ray gave a fantastic introduction and handed over to me saying “Hayley Be a warrior”, I had no choice now but to deliver my speech and I did it with ease. I was so pleased that I didn’t shake uncontrollably, I didn’t have a car crash emotional moment and I was just able to be natural and be myself.
After the speeches I was sat signing books for over an hour, I had a queue, I was blown away by the love and support and most importantly by the want and need for the help inside my book. It was incredible to say the least.


My book launch confirmed that everything I had spent the last 2 years working so hard for was worth every moment. In a dark time in my life, I had an inspired thought to write a book and help others, which is a massive goal to achieve but I listened to that thought and acted upon it. I saw it through until I was stood in Waterstones, a giant in the bookstore world, with my very own published book. My book launch was a huge success, I am helping other people overcome their worries, my publisher has almost sold out and this is JUST the beginning!

When you listen to inspired thoughts and act upon them instead of worrying thoughts anything is possible. Let go and put your trust into the Universe, you will be amazed at what comes back to you.

Be a Warrior!

To purchase a copy of ‘Be a Warrior Not a Worrier’ visit the book page HERE For more information regarding my coaching services please visit my coaching page HERE or e-mail me at hayley@beawarrior.co.uk