Self-Help Books That Will Change Your Life!

A self-help book is written with the intention to instruct it’s readers on solving problems and inspiring them to make changes that will impact their lives for the better.

Here are a few that have done just that for me and I would go as far as to say changed my life forever! You might be surprised by some of the ‘oldies but goodies’ I recommended here that are still going just as strong strong today!

Self-Care Tips For A Good Night Sleep

It is impossible to cope with anything in our waking life if we are not getting a good night sleep. If you are suffering with stress or anxiety it is especially more difficult to switch off and get the rest required to face the next day with energy and enthusiasm.

Setting the scene for a good night sleep and winding down before you venture off into the land of nod is imperative to your quality of sleep and self-care. Going to bed at a decent hour and in a calm state will make it much easier for you to relax and enjoy the process.

Here are some of my best tried and tested ‘Warrior’ tips for winding down, indulging your mind and body and getting the best night sleep ever!

Is Your Life a Bumpy Ride?

Finding the right balance in life is key to our happiness. No matter how happy or unhappy you are now, there is always room for personal development.
The wheel of life is a great tool to help you assess all areas of your life so you can uncover which needs more attention than others and discover if your life right now is in balance or a bumpy ride!

Meditation for Anxiety - Does it help?

In everyday parlance “anxiety” simply refers to sensation of worry and apprehension. Worrying is the fuel for anxiety and keeps it going which is why I focus my work on the ‘worry habit’ that comes with this disorder. With one in 13 people living with generalised anxiety disorder it has become our most common mental health issue today.